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Need dependable 24/7 connectivity?

Bonded lines and mobile data kits save the day.

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TISA AG lowered connectivity costs by 40%

For many companies, replacing an existing Internet connection is a difficult step. In many cases, decision makers prefer accepting the shortcomings of an established system to the complex task of a full reorganization. Yet, such a step frequently leads to improvement in quality and to cost reductions, as can be exemplified by the TISA AG.

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Uncooperative telco? SDSL and mobile data save the day

The industrial park in Seligenporten near Nuremberg, Germany, actually has everything a tradesman needs: The highway A9 is less than three kilometers away; the major city Nuremberg is just around the corner, and all infrastructure needed for living and working already exists – except a powerful Internet connection. The enterprises in this industrial park have […]

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Reliable E-Cash for Retail Chains

Processing credit cards, monitoring security cameras, training staff, using VoIP telephony, and coordinating it all among 200+ stores? We have the solution.

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Connecting a North Sea Research Station

Remote location? Do you have a need for reliable and continuous data transfer? Sure, we can do that.

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Emergency Response, Connected

Video cameras are dispatchers eyes and ears when first responders arrive on the scene. Autotuning algorithms optimized for livestreaming and affordable mobile internet make it possible. Viprinet… anytime, anywhere.

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Live From Everywhere: Field Recording Isn’t Just for Satellite Anymore

Viprinet technology enabled our partner Tividoo to develop a specialized broadcasting system in a subcompact car. By minimizing the use of satellite with our cost system, bonding of multiple types of mobile connections and autotuning settings, we make affordable, reliable, high-bandwidth video and data transmission possible everywhere.

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Networking for Construction

Backhoe, drills, building permits, broadband. Affordable Internet is on site with Viprinet. Nowadays, fast and reliable Internet access for construction sites may be as decisive a factor for the success of the project.

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