Unbreakable simultaneous connections to DSL, LTE, satellite, and more, with Viprinet multi-wan bonding routers

You don’t have to let your business continuity be held hostage by one service type or provider. Viprinet multiwan bonding routers make it possible to combine multiple lines and multiple ISPs into one dependable connection. All data goes through the tunnel and keeps moving even if one line drops. Our hot-swappable modular modems enable you to change your choices or upgrade your connection types at any time.¬†And when you’re mobile, you`re not tied to one network.



Say goodbye to expensive leased lines.

Obtain superior service by bonding multiple asymmetric consumer-grade connections or mixing DSL with other media.


Better, faster, cheaper.

Our Quality of Service, autotuning, and cost-ranking systems give you control of your bandwidth, latency, and costs with support from bonded mobile data connections.

3G & 4G

Flexibility in the office and on the move.

Supplement your bandwidth in an office poorly served by wired lines. Keep answering email when you’re traveling at 50 mph. Whether fiber connections aren’t available, or you’re moving quickly from cell tower to cell tower, bonding mobile data from multiple providers can deliver unbreakable service.


It’s time to make it enterprise-grade.

Viprinet makes it possible to bond cable with ADSL and other media as a leased-line alternative in areas with poor access to other services.


  • Live From Everywhere: Field Recording Isn’t Just for Satellite Anymore

    Live From Everywhere: Field Recording Isn’t Just for Satellite Anymore

    Viprinet technology enabled our partner Tividoo to develop a specialized broadcasting system in a subcompact car. By minimizing the use of satellite with our cost system, bonding of multiple types of mobile connections and autotuning settings, we make affordable, reliable, high-bandwidth video and data transmission possible everywhere.


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