Unbreakable, guaranteed-quality VOIP with Viprinet

Viprinet’s bonding routers and firmware provide superior reliability by combining multiple connections into one WAN link tailored to your needs. One dropped line won’t interrupt your service, and network congestion won’t affect call quality.



Latency autotuning prevents dropped calls

Increased congestion on the line can end VOIP calls. By carefully controlling latency values, Viprinet technology ensures your connection will always be stable.


Two-way Quality of Service settings

Normally, QoS settings only protect the clarity of outgoing calls. With our two-way QoS settings, you’ll get a clear connection both ways, every time.


No matter what, your call gets through

Normally when you’re downloading or uploading large files, the quality of your VOIP call will suffer. With Viprinet, you can ensure that certain traffic types, such as VOIP calls, are given priority.


Carrier independence

No matter who your carrier is, with Viprinet you won’t be dependent on their QoS.


  • Live From Everywhere: Field Recording Isn’t Just for Satellite Anymore

    Live From Everywhere: Field Recording Isn’t Just for Satellite Anymore

    Viprinet technology enabled our partner Tividoo to develop a specialized broadcasting system in a subcompact car. By minimizing the use of satellite with our cost system, bonding of multiple types of mobile connections and autotuning settings, we make affordable, reliable, high-bandwidth video and data transmission possible everywhere.


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